The Amazing Adventures Of Space Cadet

by Avant Garden

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released November 14, 2015

avant garden

Jaakko Inkinen (vocals, guitar, claps)
Teemu Kaipomäki (vocals, guitar, drums, percussion, keys, claps)
Ville Hardén (bass, keys, claps)

additional musicians

Antti Vaheri (programming on "Voyager")

technical personnel

produced by T. Kaipomäki
mixed & mastered by Tom Brooke
cover art by J. Inkinen
music by J. Inkinen & T. Kaipomäki
lyrics by V. Hardén



all rights reserved


Avant Garden Finland

Avant Garden is an alternative rock band currently based in Central Finland, drawing influences from stoner rock, alternative and indie rock music.


  • Aug 31
    Jyväskylä, Finland

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Track Name: Apollo
The ship is loaded and I'm good to go
Now I'm taking flight
Commanding officer gave me an order
A task to complete
To boldly go where so few have gone
With treasures on my mind
Fifteen seconds until the ignition
And the eagle is rising

With Apollo by my side, I'm slowly rising high

My speed is growing as I make my way
Through the darkest of nights
From where I am it all seems so distant
And so insignificant
As I'm getting closer to my destination
The little lights alight my ride
My speed is growing as I make my way
To make some history

With Apollo by my side, I'm slowly riding high
And as I'm going through the night, I'm holding on for my dear life
No stopping 'til I'm through, bearing deeply painful heat
Terminal velocity, now I'm falling in too deep
Track Name: 16:18
We came so far, we moved so fast
Quest for one star is through at last
But in the back of our common awareness
We all acknowledge we cannot return
Now passing strange worlds, now passing stars
From seeing wonders to healing scars
But in the back of our common awareness
We all acknowledge we're lost in space

Please let our little plea be heard
That the future will not be absurd
That everything will be as good again, for us and them
Please let us all return from space
And spare us from the big disgrace
These humble men just wanna have a trip, now and then

Now left behind the normal life
The ties that bind became all crimes
And as we approach our true destination
We all abandon the will to return
From passing strange worlds to passing stars
From seeing wonders to healing scars
No need to fight back, go through this gate
And celebrate being lost in space

We wanna wander, never surrender
We wanna ponder on this splendor
We wanna be the kings of wilderness
We wanna build and crumble this fortress
Track Name: Dromedary
When I was born the midwife swore
She'd never seen a child like me
And to my mother she'd implore
"Let the river be his home"
I guess the Devil had some fun
When he put me on this path
Well, now I am the frightening one
A glimpse of dark side for some cash

To entertain people for that I was born
To accept the disgust and swallow the scorn
The children will cry and the adults will hate
A creature presented on this twisted plate
They call me a mutant, they call me a freak
It's certainly something on which we'll agree
So step to the freak show, but you have been warned
I am Dromedary, a creature deformed

Now that you know me you will see
What it's like to live like this
To my life you have a key
But it will not be a bliss
This show has carried on for years
A thousand miles of endless hate
Been tossed around, yeah I’ve been smeared
I’m somewhere beyond desecrate

I must deign, to what they give, it makes me strained
Can't complain, because I know, it is in vain
Track Name: Voyager
Lost all contact to earth
all my signals unheard
ground control cannot hear me now
Floating through space and time
recollecting my life
finding if I was something more

Was it just in vain?
progress down the drain
mankind, was there a thing you learned?
Questions fill my mind
echoes in rewind
answers hanging in the air

One thing left anymore
my voice on record
leave my message to the world
Floating past distant worlds
cannot return to earth
voyager, i will join you now

Moving eternally, I float in time
Sleeping through the night, endlessly

Spica and Aldebaran
Polaris and the Sun
Where will my journey lead me now?
Will I reach all the stars?
Be the first man on Mars?
Will I float till the end of time?

Will I be revealed
Secrets still unseen
For those souls on the Pale Blue Dot?
As I think of Earth
Longing makes me hurt
Voyager, please wait for me