The Easy Way Out

by Avant Garden

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Welcome to my domain, you ain’t seen nothing yet
I’m your guide on the journey you’ve begun
No need to be afraid ‘cause it’s all inside your head
With blind eyes you’ll stare into the sun

Let go of all your luggage, all the things you can not keep
Grab my hand and I’ll take you for a ride
You’ll never see it coming ‘til it seeps into your brain
Just lay back and surrender to the tide

Crawling, climbing, hanging, falling
(Can anybody hear me? I’ve no idea of who I am)
Crawling, climbing, hanging on
(Can anybody hear me? I’ve no idea of what I am)
Laughing, crying, living, dying
(Can anybody hear me, I’ve no idea of where I am)
Laughing, crying, living on
(Can anybody hear me, I’ve no idea of why I am)

Once set in motion there’s no turning from the track
In time it will take you all at once
It’s a bitter pill to swallow only if you’re holding back
So cast your fears all aside and drop your guns

A game of smoke and mirror, convincingly disguised
It’s no thing to get hung up about
I can show you what you’re made of and cut you down to size
Here, take the easy way out


released March 10, 2017
Jaakko Inkinen (lead vocals, guitar, claps)
Teemu Kaipomäki (guitar, vocals, drums, percussion, keys, claps)
Ville Hardén (bass, china, thunder tube)
Antti Vaheri (programming)

produced by T. Kaipomäki
mixed & mastered by Tom Brooke
cover art by J. Inkinen
music by J. Inkinen & T. Kaipomäki
lyrics by J. Inkinen



all rights reserved


Avant Garden Finland

Avant Garden is an alternative rock band currently based in Central Finland, drawing influences from stoner rock, alternative and indie rock music.


  • Aug 31
    Jyväskylä, Finland

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